Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat works with 95% of 24V heating and cooling systems.

IEC is pleased to announce the Nest Learning Thermostat with 3-speed capability is now available through the IEC Aftermarket Parts Department. The Nest Learning Thermostat is more beautiful than ever, with a thinner, sleeker design and a bigger, crisper display.


IEC offers the largest selection of products in the industry


As the leader in hydronic fan coils, IEC offers the largest selection of products in the industry.

Our offering covers the full spectrum of horizontal and vertical systems, modular hi-rise, and belt-driven fan coils, as well as innovative designs created specifically for hotel rooms, hospital rooms, dormitories, apartments, and condominiums.  Our ongoing commitment to research and development means that we are bringing you the best products available, such as our innovative RestoraMod, which cuts replacement time for hotel room fan coils by over half.  In addition, IEC offers unique products with energy-saving technology such as our EC motors, and features such as foil face and closed cell insulation for an even higher level of IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality).


Maintain, restore, or replace? IEC has answers.


Do you have an aging facility, combined with limited budgets? Many building owners, faced with the same situation, address the same question relative to their HVAC system – do I replace, repair or refurbish?

At IEC, we understand these questions and have developed a range of aftermarket solutions that provide the best refurbishment and remodeling solutions for building owners and their HVAC contractors. Today’s leading building management teams know that in many cases restoring their existing fan coils, rather than replacing them, can result in significant cost savings, and much less downtime and disruption. Replacing an entire fan coil unit may involve drywall, surface finishing, fire-proofing, and cleanup expense. However, with refurbishment, just a few components can be replaced to upgrade the unit and its performance.



Getting high-energy germicidal UVC light installed to clean coils in your HVAC system and improve indoor air quality (IAQ) has never been faster or easier.


  • Easy Installation: Specifically designed for easy and cost-effective installation
  • Fast Installation: Pre-wired from our factory, significantly reducing installation time and HVAC downtime
  • Flexible: 6 Enhanced Emitter lengths (24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 50″, 61″) with up to 8 rows of Emitters for optimum coil coverage from 24″-180″ tall plenums.
  • Economical Shipping: Smartly designed to fit in one box, ensuring efficient shipping
  • Unmatched UVC Output: Delivers up to 6 times the output of competitive UVC products, for the best germicidal control.


Creating a Healthier Breathing Environment

Solutions that create a better and safer environment to live, work and breathe.
Our science is groundbreaking. But our goal is simple: Continue to produce innovative, technological solutions, backed by science, that enhance our customer’s image, save money and create a better environment to live, work and breathe.


The Facts on Ultra Violet

What is Ultraviolet?
Ultraviolet (UV) light is one form of electromagnetic energy produced naturally by the sun. UV is a spectrum of light just below the visible light and it is split into four distinct spectral areas – Vacuum UV or UVV (100 to 200 nm), UVC (200 to 280 nm), UVB (280 to 315 nm) and UVA (315 to 400 nm).


Precision. Aesthetics. Efficiency.


Ultrasuite is a customizable air distribution and lighting solution specifically engineered for hospital operating rooms. High-output LED lighting combined with precision equalized laminar airflow eliminates the traditional “light ring”, opening valuable ceiling space for surgical equipment while optimizing contaminant removal from the surgical zone. Conforming to all ASHRAE 170 requirements, Ultrasuite is the perfect combination of performance, aesthetics and efficiency.


Flexible O.R. Lighting Solutions


As technologies advance, the amount of surgical equipment in operating rooms has rapidly increased. In an effort to conserve floor space, ceiling mounted equipment has become an essential design element of modern operating rooms. The Ultrasuite dramatically reduces the HVAC footprint in the ceiling by incorporating high-performance LED lighting directly within the laminar flow diffusers.

As minimally invasive surgery becomes more prevalent, the need for high quality, flexible O.R. lighting solutions is more important than ever. Various lighting color temperatures, flexible dimming control and integrated green lighting allow the Ultrasuite to meet the unique requirements of modern healthcare facilities. Optional green lighting facilitates improved visibility of flat panel displays for the surgeon by enhancing images while also eliminating the glare that traditional overhead white lights cast on monitors.

A highly engineered dispersion baffle and translucent polymer perforated face ensure even distribution of airflow within each diffuser module, regardless of system layout or inlet location. The Ultrasuite provides uniform, unidirectional laminar airflow across the face of the diffuser, preventing entrainment of room air to ensure a contaminant-free surgical zone. Every Ultrasuite system is provided with CFD verified performance.


Simple to Configure, Install, and Maintain


The Ultrasuite makes use of a single large diffuser design, consisting of a number of laminar flow diffusers, with a 12 in. low profile common plenum. System layout is customizable with module sizes and configurations to suit any equipment layout. Inlets can be positioned on the side or top of the plenum to suit existing ductwork configurations or to optimize new construction.

With a low profile design, the Ultrasuite is easy to install in crowded ceiling plenums, making it easy to incorporate in both new construction and retrofit projects. The Ultrasuite ships in large, factory-assembled sections to minimize installation time, and the closed-cell gasketed joints ensure an effective seal between modules. Integrated balancing dampers at each module as well as factory installed and wired lighting with quick connect cables make set-up and commissioning simple and efficient. The flexible LED driver wiring allows for job specific wiring of normal and critical electrical circuits, as well as customized dimming and control solutions.

The Ultrasuite meets all ASHRAE 170 requirements for cleanability with flush mounted, stainless steel hardware to secure the removable diffuser face. The integrated LED lighting is IP67 rated to effectively seal out dust and liquid disinfectants and the inside of the plenum is designed for ease of cleaning. A remotely mounted control enclosure housing the LED drivers provides easy access for maintenance and replacement. High quality LED lights have a long lifespan, rated at 80% original brightness for 60,000 hours. If required, individual LED strips are easy to replace with tool-free replacement and quick-connect wiring.


Aldes Presents CAR-II with Fire Dampers


Aldes CAR-IIs with fire dampers are the only ETL Safety Certified assembled units on the market today.

American Aldes Airflow & Zone Control products like the CAR-II with fire dampers are designed to introduce flexibility and dynamic control to any central ventilation system and correct common ventilation issues such as stack effect and poor airflow balance. Millions of Constant Airflow Regulators (CAR) have been installed, and now they come assembled with fire dampers and the added safety assurance that only ETL Certification can provide.

For airflow precision with code compliance and life safety assurance, American Aldes airflow control devices are the best choice. Enjoy precise regulation of building ventilation while saving energy by reducing the load placed on heating and cooling systems. New specification sheets and installation instructions are now available on-line for the following models:

NEW Assembled Models with ETL Certification

CAR-FEA-II              CAR-FSA-II

CER-FEA-II              CSR-FSA-II