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The Ultimate Rooftop Solution

ClimaCool’s Configured Packaged Rooftop Solution specializes in 100% outside air treatment. This 4-minute panoramic video highlights the entire unit as each section opens to reveal key features and benefits.

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Facts and Product Information

Mechanical and Electrostatic Air Filters remove contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, dust and many more airborne infectious agents, from the air through different forms of filtration.

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VRF Energy Efficiencies

The fourth generation in LG’s popular Multi V series delivers significant benefits versus traditional ducted HVAC systems, enabling improved energy efficiency by allowing occupants to choose whether to cool or heat only the zones in use.

This system is adapts to geothermal, cooling tower/boiler or hybrid applications. The Multi V provides two forms of energy savings; water side heat recovery and refrigerant side heat recovery.

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Space and Energy Saving Solutions

The LG
Water Mini Unit is a single phase condenser to maximize floor space, this
compact and quiet unit can be placed inside a closet, with no need for roof
space or outside locations.

This type of unit, with a small variable refrigerant flow system, is ideal for
apartments or condominiums. Zoning of individual spaces is easily achievable
with a variety of modern style indoor cooling/heating units which match up with
the LG Mini. Very little space is required to route refrigerant piping for
installers plus this type of system is also very energy efficient for owners.


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A LG Hydro
Kit is an efficient way to recover waste heat from VRF air conditioning
systems. The Hydro Kit receives heat from the Multi V VRF system’s waste heat
to provide hot water for use in kitchens, bathrooms, radiators, floor heating,
and pools.

Hydro Kit provides hot water and floor heating with less energy consumption
than a boiler. Hydro Kit is compact and easy to install, and can connect to
multiple heat pumps for additional savings.

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