Where Indoor Air Quality And Energy Efficiency Intersect


Breakthrough Energy Savings Vs. Conventional Fixed Capacity DOAS

Florida Solar Energy Center conducted a study in which the Linear Capacity achieved greater than 50% energy savings versus conventionally fixed capacity DOAS. Regarding this new variable capacity DOAS technology, they write:

“Addison HVAC has developed an exclusive DOAS package design that uses a novel combination of variable refrigerant flow (VRF), variable air flow (VAF), and Active Coil Exposure. This design results in energy-efficient ventilation with the potential to meet diverse requirements without over- or under-ventilating”

Where Indoor Air Quality And Energy Efficiency Intersect

Linear Capacity offers active ventilation adaptable for AIQA flush-out per LEED EQc4, Air Quality Assessment.  The LC enhances IAQ by managing moisture content of the outdoor air throughout the ventilation range.

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