Advanced Dehumidification Technology


 Advanced Dehumidification Technology

The DRY-O-TRON DS Series or Natatorium Environment line of dehumidifiers from Dectron provide the very best in classic compressorized humidity control. The combination of exceptional engineering and design plus premium components makes the DRY-O-TRON DS Series both energy efficient and exceptionally reliable, providing peak performance in the range of 10 to 100 lbs. per hour of moisture removal and 650 to 8,000 CFM of air handling. Although the DRY-O-TRON Series actually extends up to 1,000 lbs. of moisture removal and 70,000 CFM of air handling, for larger applications requiring large refrigerant charges, the DRY-O-TRON DS Series has taken over as the preferred solution.

Fully Featured in Every Size

We break the line into three size categories, with each category providing design innovations, standard features and unique features that competitors don’t provide.

From homes and spas to hotels, schools and YMCAs, the DRY-O-TRON DS Series offers fully featured solutions with plenty of options. The DRY-O-TRON DS Series is also designed to integrate with and provide maximum performance benefits with the Paddock Evacuator chloramine removal system.


  • Exceptional engineering and design
  • Highest quality components available
  • WebSentry Internet monitoring and control
  • Touch screen SuperviseAire control systems
  • Premium compressor protection
  • Premium corrosion resistance
  • Flexible designs: vertical and horizontal configurations
  • Flexible duct connections: top, bottom or side on most units
  • Smallest footprint in the industry
  • Mechanical vestibule outside the air stream on all units
    • more efficient operation
    • easy to service
    • protects key components from moisture and chemicals in air stream