Contemporary Self-Contained Unit Ventilators


Magic Aire Self-Contained Unit Ventilators are designed for a variety of applications where indoor air quality is critical, such as classrooms, plus provide an economical and energy-efficient means for maintaining room conditions by incorporating some of the most up to date technology available for the HVAC industry.


Typical compressors cycle excessively resulting in current spikes, temperature fluctuations, and over-cooling. The variable speed compressor continuously matches the load, delivering only the required energy to satisfy space conditions, providing you with exceptional energy savings and temperature control.


Much of HVAC equipment is oversized. For a typical building load profile, the design conditions make up only 2% of operation time versus the part-load conditions the unit will operate at a majority of the time. The MAS CB is efficient during full-load design conditions and during the majority of run time at part load.


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