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Reduced Energy Consumption
Magic Aire’s variable speed unit generates lower energy costs than a traditional two-speed unit. Variable¬≠ speed systems significantly reduce energy use by precisely matching a system’s level of operation to the cooling load, which can vary throughout the day based on the building’s needs. Operation dollars are not wasted by running a unit at a higher temperature than the setpoint.

Lower Operation Cost
Another benefit of unit ventilators is zone heating and cooling of individual spaces. Each of the spaces will have its own controls, so you only need to condition that space when it is occupied, saving energy and money. The Economizer control mode utilizes Magic Aire’s ultra-low leak outdoor air damper to provide free cooling when the outdoor air temperature allows.

Lower Sound
With the lower speeds that can be achieved with a variable speed compressor, speed is reduced and the sound level is reduced versus a fixed speed at the same equivalent capacity. Also, fixed speed compressors cycle on and off which add to noise where variable speed compressors ramp up and down to the required speed. Thick sound-insulation materials are applied on the inside of access panels as well as a sound blanket over the compressor as a means of further reducing the sound being transmitted to the outside.

Reduced Installation Expense
Reduce installation expenses with factory-provided DDC Controls and Valve packages:

  • Built-in Time Clock for Standalone operation
  • Factory Outside Air Louvers
  • Factory Valve Packages