Accurex Range Hood Provides Safety in Seconds

Fire safety in kitchens is a necessity. Relying on portable fire extinguishers should never be the first step in your fire safety protocol when cooking. The best way to ensure fire safety in the kitchen is through deliberate preparation and precision-engineered products. The Fire Ready Range Hood has been engineered with features designed to make the experience for both installers and users intuitive, effortless, and practical.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System
  • Full Monitored Control Package
  • Electronic Fire Detection and Actuation
  • Plug and Play
  • Hood or Remote Mounted Touch Screen
  • Range Disconnect (Electric and Gas Ranges)
  • Audible Safety Alarm
  • Flexible Fan with EC Motors
  • Mesh Grease Filter

Click here for more details about the Fire Ready Range Hood System.

Watch this video on the Fire Ready Range Hood.