New High Capacity Filter from Camfil

The 30/30 Dual 9 Air Filter is designed with improved filter media that utilizes a proprietary progressive dual-layer blend with identified by white fibers on the upstream side and green on the downstream side.

  • Unique dual layer media in the strongest moisture resistant beverage board enclosing frame
  • True MERV 9 maintained efficiency throughout the life of the filter
  • Radial pleats, welded wire grid backing
  • Guaranteed to last 12 months in commercial duty applications and 9 months in industrial level applications


Lasts 3 to 4 Times Longer

For every Dual 9 filter, it will take three or four low cost pleated filters

Waste disposal, landfill impact and transaction costs. At the same time significant reduction in energy consumption per year up to 25% per filter opening while having MERV9A efficiency.


Most Energy Efficient

Camfil’s filters are rated as 5-Star filters through the Energy Cost Index (ECI) program.

Based upon a five-star scale, the Energy Cost Index is an indicator of what a filter will cost over its lifetime. The best rating – five stars – indicates that the filter is the most energy-efficient, 5-Star ECI Rating longest lasting filter available.


The Ideal VAV System

PPD – Prodigy® Motorized VAV Diffuser

The Prodigy enhances traditional system design by adding the element of personal control. A room temperature sensor provides constant feedback to the microprocessor controller located in the diffuser, enabling precise monitoring of the space temperature. Using the room, duct and set point temperatures, the Prodigy modulates supply air to maintain comfort in the space.

Typical Applications

The Prodigy is well suited for use in areas with multiple work spaces within a single zone. It provides personal temperature control by monitoring room temperature and modulating the flow of supply air into a particular space. Well suited for use in retrofit applications, the Prodigy can be used to replace traditional diffusers and provide improved occupant comfort through dynamic monitoring and control of room temperature.


Different Thermostat Options

The Prodigy personal diffuser monitors space conditions and regulates the flow of supply air to maintain the room setpoint with an accuracy of +/- 1°F. This setpoint is adjustable and enables occupants to establish the setting that represents their individual level of comfort.

Thermostat setpoint adjustment is the most commonly selected control option and is suitable for applications that require dedicated cooling and/or heating cycles. Due to the buoyancy effects of heated air and the location of the temperature sensor, the wall mounted thermostat provides the most accurate room temperature reading. Five thermostat options are available, ranging from a dial thermostat to a motion sensing, LCD screen thermostat, the details of which are available in the zone controllers catalog.


Individual Comfort

Location of VAV damper provides a high discharge velocity through turndown and maintains Coanda without dumping.

The Prodigy is designed to enhance traditional system design by adding the element of personal control. As room load varies, the Prodigy modulates its inner damper to control the flow of supply air into the space. Master models have onboard controls, while the drone model imitates the master.


Introduction to Antec Controls by Price

Antec Controls by Price is a new company dedicated to the Price Critical Controls product line, highlighting the expertise of Price in this area of the business.

Price Critical Controls have recently rebranded to Antec Controls by Price. Seven years has passed since Price shipped their first order to Beckley ARH Hospital. Since, they’ve completed over 500 projects and completed a new state-of-the-art manufacturing and training center in Atlanta.

So, why the need for a new brand? The new brand of Antec Controls will clearly highlight Antec Control’s expertise in the space and will allow for more independence and growth. While operating under a new name, Antec Controls will not be changing their focus and priority of investing in the development of new products.


Augustana University Froiland Science Complex

Antec Controls by Price products are perfect solutions for Laboratories, Operating Rooms, Isolation Rooms & Pharmacies. Visit the link below to see more photos of the Augustana University Froiland Science Complex Project, along with other recent projects.

  • Location: Sioux Falls, SD
  • Completed: 2016
  • Project Type: Laboratory
  • Products: Venturi Valves, Laboratory Room Controls and Fume Hood Controls
  • Project Size: 125000 ft2
  • Construction Cost: $35 million



Greenheck Launches New Website

As an industry-leading manufacturer, Greenheck’s focus is to build value in air. They offer the widest range of reliable air movement, control and conditioning equipment available.

Greenheck recently updated their website to better feature their products and services they provide. You can search their products, find your closest rep, search through their valuable resources and more.