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Let Greenheck Manage Your Laboratory Exhaust System


The Greenheck Vektor® high plume dilution blower is a self-contained laboratory exhaust system which offers the following:


  • Significant dilution of laboratory exhaust, reducing levels of contaminant concentration
  • Reliable belt or direct drive systems
  • Efficient and quiet blower technology
  • AMCA class C or B spark resistant construction
  • Premium efficient variable frequency drive (VFD rated) motors available
  • Application to constant or variable volume exhaust systems
  • Efficient discharge nozzle designs
  • LabCoat™, a two-part corrosion resistant baked polyester resin coating with zinc rich epoxy primer
  • Safe and easy maintenance
  • Flow applications from 270 – 140,000 cfm at up to 14 in. wg per fan


  • Keeping a low profile – compact Vektor rooftop units achieve significant plume rise without detracting from buildings’ aesthetics
  • Ensuring safety – high-velocity plume displaces the lab effluent high above the roof, reducing the possibility of contamination of the building’s interior, exterior and surrounding neighborhood Systems are designated to be fast and easy to install.
  • Maintenance is safe and easy because all critical access components are easily accessible without disassembling the entire system
  • Single source responsibility – Greenheck is a single source for laboratory exhaust fan systems and laboratory exhaust energy recovery systems
  • Validated performance – Vektor system designs undergo state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics and performance analysis.

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Reduce Your Building’s Heating & Cooling Loads


Greenheck’s MiniCore Energy Recovery Ventilator will provide substantial energy savings with its energy core technology. It utilizes a direct-drive fan and the option for Vari-Green® motors.

Designed for indoor installation, it creates preconditioned fresh outdoor air for commercial applications ranging from 300 to 1000 cfm.

ventilator benefits


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Have The Flexibility You Need With Greenheck’s Centrifugal Inline Fan


Greenhecks’s Centrifugal Inline Fan features a unique combination of installation flexibility, rugged construction, ease of service, high efficiency and low sound levels. Having a side discharge option will increase performance and reduce installation labor. Consider this fan for your next indoor clean air application!


– Cabinet Construction

– Drive Frame constructed from heavy-gauge steel

– Aluminum, backward inclined, non-overloading centrifugal wheel for maximum efficiency

– Inlet and discharge duct collars provided for easy duct connection

– Drives are sized for a minimum of 150 percent of driven horsepower

– Permanently lubricated, sealed ball bearing motor

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Stay Safe with Greenheck’s Fire Ready Hood


The Fire Ready Hood monitors the hood temperature. In the event of a cooking fire, the hood will de-energize the appliance, signal an audible alarm and engage auxiliary building alarm contacts. Cooking is the leading cause of residential fires, make sure you are protected!

A few features include:

Fusible Link – Reliable mechanical fire detection.

Appliance Disconnect – De-energizes appliance if hood temperature climbs too high

Amerex 660 Wet Chemical Agent – Quickly suppresses flames – clean up with soap and water

Audible Alarm – Alerts occupants of fire danger

ECM Fan Motor – Adjustable fan speed for odor and sound control


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New Online Greenheck Application Software!

Greenheck is proud to announce a new online Fan Application Suite, eCAPS. It is specifically designed for engineers and includes online fan selection, cross model selection and more!

Key features include:
• Web-based – no installation, no updates, no admin rights issues
• Mobile – runs on iPads, tablets and computers
• Cross model selection – compares multiple models
• Fan optimization – ranks selections based on cost, efficiency and sound
• Keeps user out of trouble – warns when close to max fan rpm and close to unstable
• Reports – Auto CAD®/Revit® content and customizable equipment schedules

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Greenheck’s Electric Duct Heaters


Greenheck has a complete line of configurable electric duct heaters that are perfectly suited
to your HVAC application. Their CAPS configuration tool helps you save time with its industry
leading selection speed and information packed submittals. They offers two heater styles: IDHB and IDHC series. All heaters are factory assembled and wired for 50/60 Hertz.
Both models feature:
• Fan interlock
• Ground lugs
• Automatic limit switch for primary over
temperature protection
• Manual reset limit switch for secondary over
temperature protection
• Disconnecting contactor
• Power terminal board
• Control panel constructed of heavy gauge
corrosion resistant steel
• Control terminal board
• Left hand offset control box (standard)
• Control components secured to a raised plate
• UL 1996 Listed
• 105°C appliance wire

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