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EQB Mixed Flow Inline Fan

Below are a list of EQB standard features and their benefits. The EQB comes in six sizes, ranges in volume from 1,150- 23,000 cfm and has a static pressure up to 3 inches wg. This new high efficiency belt-drive inline fan offers better air and sound performance than axial and centrifugal inline fans.

Octagonal Housing – Better efficiency than traditional square housings at a lower cost than ubular housings, resulting in a fan that is competitive in the market. 


Galvanized Housing – Rugged, lightweight, corrosion-resistant construction for long fan life 
Aluminum Mixed Flow – Wheel Quiet operation, lower operating costs, lightweight and durable 
Universal Mounting System – Field rotatable housing accommodates changes in the fan mounting position and motor orientation as needed 
Extended Lubrication Lines – Simplified bearing maintenance for reduced costs 
Removable Duct Collars– Easy, slip-fit connections to duct-work 
EZ-Tension System – Allows belt tensioning operations to be performed without external support for the weight of the motor

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Inline Auto Flow Controller


1. Flow limiting cartridge is machined stainless steel for greater control accuracy and dependability. Factory adjustable. 
2. All wetted parts are stainless steel meeting NSF/ANSI Standard 372 for minimal lead content. 
3. Compact inline design is less than half the height of typical controllers, allowing the ICSS to fit easily into tight installation. 
4. Union nut (nickel plated) allows value to be easily separated and serviced in the field. 
5. Tested and approved for “commercial hot water applications”. 

1.Field tamper-resistant, machined flow cartridge is more accurate and consistent than fabricated cartridges. 
2. Corrosion-resistant for a durable performance, all wetted surfaces and stainless steel, fully compliant with legislation. 
3. Easy to use in small spaces. Easily fits in tight water fountains, coolers and other appliances requiring safe, accurate flow control 
4. Easy to service, maintain and install with a compact inline body. 
5. Meets all health and environmental requirements with the most reliable and easy to install flow controller.