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Greenheck Innovation


Greenheck’s remote balancing dampers are ideal for applications where tight spaces make it difficult to access and manually adjust the damper and balance airflow. Instead of using a traditional mechanical cable which is prone to binding, Greenheck’s remote balancing dampers use a standard RJ11 cable that is run to a phone jack-style plug. Greenheck’s EZ Balance smart controller can then be plugged into the jack to regulate the damper’s blade position and balance the system.


The EZ Balance Remote System


Two models of Greenheck remote balancing dampers can be specified. Model RDB-10 is a single blade rectangular balancing damper with a 9-volt actuator kit. Model RBDR-50 is a round balancing damper with a factory mounted 9-volt actuator. Accessories including cable and mounting plates are also available.

Greenheck offers the most AMCA-licensed dampers in the industry and is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement and control equipment.



Greenheck Fan Corporation


Greenheck is the leading supplier of air movement and control equipment, including fans, dampers, louvers, kitchen ventilation hoods, and energy recovery and make-up air units. Greenheck equipment is used in all types of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings in applications from comfort ventilation to manufacturing processes.


Suite 4 HVAC Units


Rural or urban, the demands on healthcare HVAC are high! Seasons 4, Inc. recognizes a need in the healthcare industry, and Suite 4 answers their needs by providing a single source solution HVAC unit to provide low dewpoint discharge air for surgical suites, procedure areas, and medical office settings.

Let Your Building Work For You

Mounted on the roof or pad instead of a mechanical room, the Suite 4 HVAC unit lets building owners put their money into revenue-generating building space that returns profits instead of tying down valuable square footage with mechanical rooms that do not add to the bottom line.

Saves you time and money

The all-in-one design saves both time and money. Sourced from a single source supplier instead of multiple sources, our unit saves on installation costs and project management time.


A Mechanical Room In One Cabinet


Features And Options To Meet Healthcare Industry Needs

Perfect for rural area clinics and hospitals where budgets and staffing do not permit complicated chiller and boiler solutions and plants, the Suite 4 HVAC unit is a mechanical room in a box, combining heating, cooling, humidity control, and filtration in one serviceable cabinet. Controlled via self-contained DDC control system, Suite 4 is capable of communicating via Bacnet, Lon, N2 or Modbus for campus wide tie-in if needed.

Custom control strategies are available to meet your needs including discharge air control, space pressurization, night setback dampers, and economizers. With options for Gas to Steam or Electric to Steam self-contained humidifiers with short absorption distance grids, the Suite 4 unit is ready to go right from the factory floor.


Find The Temperature With Cricket Chirps


Did you know? You can tell the temperature by counting the chirps of a cricket! Here’s the formula.

How To Tell The Temperature With Cricket Chirps

In Fahrenheit

To convert cricket chirps to degrees Fahrenheit, count the number of chirps in 14 seconds, then add 40 to get the temperature.

Example: 30 chirps + 40 = 70°F

In Celsius

To convert cricket chirps to degrees Celsius, count the number of chirps in 25 seconds, divide by 3, then add 4 to get the temperature.

Example: (48 chirps divided by 3) + 4 = 20°C

Why do crickets chirp?

Chirping is a cricket’s way of communicating. Male crickets use chirping to attract females, scare off other males, or warn of danger. Contrary to popular belief, crickets do not use their legs to chirp! In fact, crickets produce the iconic sound by rubbing the edges of their wings together.