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Make the upgrade to IEC’s Direct Drive Blower Coils

Climate Systems IEC's Direct Drive Blower Coils

Energy efficient · Quiet operation · Less maintenance · Extended service life

Reference the new Direct Drive Sales Brochure to learn more about the great benefits and features of the Horizontal and Vertical Direct Drive units!

International Environmental Corporation (IEC), the market leader in fan coil solutions, has developed the Direct Drive Blower Coils line, enabling easy and fast installation for hospitality, multifamily, higher education, and many other applications.

“These new Direct Drive systems replace the overwhelming majority of belt drive applications. In designing these systems, we focused on reducing costs for our customers,” says Mike Ray, Director of Marketing and Product Management at IEC.

Climate Systems IEC's Direct Drive Blower Coils' Benefits & Features

“All of these added features provide benefits which make it an easy decision for customers to upgrade from belt drives to IEC’s new Direct Drive Blower Coil family,” concludes Mike Ray.

For more information on IEC’s Direct Drive Blower Coils, click here.

FreshAire™ PTAC Video

Climate Systems FreshAire PTAC Video

The FreshAire PTAC offers a precision inverter compressor, an integrated make-up air system, and Merv 8 filtration. The variable-speed operation of the Freshaire PTAC allows the unit to work at the optimal speed to match the true load of the room.

Watch the video here.

Smarter design. Better performance. The new FreshAire™ PTAC.

Climate Systems New FreshAire PTAC

Barely good enough solutions are never good enough for Friedrich. Before now, make-up air PTACs struggled to keep up with ASHRAE 62.1-2013 requirements, so we’ve reimagined and redesigned the PTAC to a higher standard, combining an inverter compressor with true make-up air capabilities.

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