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Greenheck Introduces ThermiCoil


Greenheck has announced a new insulated coil section called ThermiCoil.

ThermiCoil coil sections are typically mounted in ductwork to provide additional cooling without a costly HVAC unit upgrade. Its use is similar to a reheat coil but adds a boost of cooling versus heating.

ThermiCoil is well-suited for facilities with rigorous indoor environmental quality requirements, including schools, restaurants, healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and many other types of buildings.


A Broad Range Of Custom Sizes And Options


Greenheck offers ThermiCoil in a broad range of custom sizes and options so you can match it exactly to your needs. Intermediate drain pans, multiple coils, and other special options are also available. Every coil is leak-tested underwater with 450 PSIG dry nitrogen for quality assurance and offers several advantages including:

  • Insulation not exposed to airstream; discourages mold growth.
  • Sloped drain pan for condensate drainage and improved air quality.
  • Stainless steel construction resists rust.
  • Better quality and reliability than field-built coil boxes.
  • Ease of installation through attaching ductwork directly to the ThermiCoil casing flanges.
  • Optional heating coils can be added for dehumidification.
  • A wide range of custom sizes.

To guarantee your coil is going to perform as required, check for AHRI Certification.


The Greenheck Quick Build Program


The Greenheck Quick Build program ensures your coils will be manufactured to your specifications and shipped to meet your time requirements, designing and manufacturing a custom coil in a little as three days.

Generate incremental revenue by including replacement coils in your product portfolio. Coil types offered include DX, hot water, chilled water, steam, and condenser.

Click to learn more about how the Greenheck Quick Build program can help solve your most time-sensitive challenges.


Suite 4 Healthcare Industry HVAC Units


Seasons 4 Meets A Need In The Healthcare Industry

Not all hospitals, clinics, or medical office buildings are alike. As the population ages, the need for healthcare is growing and far-reaching. Clinics and medical office buildings are popping up on every corner and in large numbers in rural areas.

While they can’t afford to have the maintenance staffs of the larger urban-type establishments, they still have the same needs for HVAC equipment to provide quality and competitive care. Suite 4 answers their needs by providing a single source-solution HVAC unit to provide low dewpoint discharge air for surgical suites, procedure areas, and medical office settings.


Rural Or Urban, The Demands Of Healthcare HVAC Are High


All-In-One Cooling, Heating, Humidity Control & High-Grade Filtration

Never before has there been a package DX piece of equipment that’s purpose-built for the healthcare industry. The Suite 4 HVAC unit is a mechanical room in a box, combining heating, cooling, humidity control, and filtration in one serviceable cabinet.

Controlled via a self-contained DDC control system, Suite 4 is capable of communicating via Bacnet, Lon, N2, or Modbus for campus-wide tie-in if needed.

Perfect For Rural Area Clinics & Hospitals

The Suite 4 HVAC unit by Seasons 4 is perfect for rural area clinics and hospitals where budgets and staffing do not permit complicated chiller and boiler solutions and plants. Suite 4 combines everything needed to provide makeup and/or conditioned air to an operating room or clinical procedure room with custom control strategies including discharge air control, space pressurization, night setback dampers, and economizers, all available to meet your healthcare needs.

Saves You Time & Money

The all-in-one design saves both time and money. Sourced from a single source supplier instead of multiple sources, our unit saves on installation costs and project management time.

Let Your Building Work For You

Mounted on the roof or a pad instead of a mechanical room, the Suite 4 HVAC unit lets building owners put their money into revenue-generating building space that returns profits instead of tying up valuable square footage with mechanical rooms that do not add to the bottom line.


Direct Replacement HVAC Units


Direct Replacements

Direct Replacement HVAC units are a Seasons 4 specialty. Seasons 4 can custom-engineer an HVAC system for almost any need. Typically, they are called upon to find ways to upgrade old systems to provide better performance and efficiency while keeping to the original footprint and using only existing utilities.

Seasons 4 has years of experience replacing existing Octagon Air Systems, Nesbitt, Carrier, Trane, and Lennox multizone units, just to name a few.

The advantages of Seasons•4 replacement units include:

  • The installing contractor’s replacement liability is minimized
  • The old unit is completely measured by a Seasons 4 engineer
  • Seasons 4 guarantees the unit to fit the curb and the duct connections
  • The unit will arrive on-site at the time you choose
  • The pre-charged and tested unit is ready for immediate installation and operation
  • A Seasons 4 technician will be on-site to assist in the rigging procedure
  • The installation of a signle unit should not exceed 8 hours
  • The unit can interface with most control systems