Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Ultimate Rooftop Solution

ClimaCool’s Configured Packaged Rooftop Solution specializes in 100% outside air treatment. This 4-minute panoramic video highlights the entire unit as each section opens to reveal key features and benefits.

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Fresh Air Made Easy


The Fresh Air Kit by American ALDES Ventilation is the industry’s first self-regulated fresh air introduction system. When connected to the return air plenum of the forced air system, each Fresh Air Kit  can be adjusted to one of four cfm settings, preventing over ventilation.

The air pressure is kept at an optimum level for family comfort. The MD models include a motorized damper, which can be interlocked with the forced air system blower to prevent airflow while the forced air system is not running. Increase the volume of fresh air for your home or business today while saving energy!

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