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Earn Professional Development Hours

The Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook now offers PDH credits! You can earn Professional Development Hours while brushing up on air distribution principles and technology.

Earn credits for each of the 21 chapters. Simply read the chapter, complete the online quiz specific to the chapter’s content, and earn your credit!

The handbook is a 1,300 page comprehensive guide featuring industry knowledge including design examples with fully derived equations, informative research highlights and thousands of graphics.

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The Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook

The Price Engineer’s HVAC Handbook is a comprehensive guide to HVAC fundamentals, representing the accumulated knowledge and experience of hundreds of engineers related to the application of air distribution products. Its fusion of fundamental principles, ongoing research, and building design guidance make the Handbook a world class HVAC reference.

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Acutherm Therma-Fuser Systems

Acutherm’s Therma-Fuser Systems are available in three series and can be configured to achieve a High Performance Air Systems design approach for your building, one that accomplishes the comfort (individual temperature control and superior air distribution), energy savings, aesthetics, and economic goals of your client.

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Acutherm Meets the Aesthetic Vision of Projects

Woven seamlessly into the architecture of your building, Acutherm’s products are designed to meet the aesthetic vision of your project. Available in square, round, and linear shapes, with ceiling or sidewall mounting applications, Acutherm’s Therma-FuserTM Systems can be further tailored through custom paint or silk screen to achieve a fully integrated appearance with the building’s interior design.

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Introducing A New Product Offering—Acutherm by Price

High-performance air systems demand modern design approaches with leading-edge products and technology in order to optimize comfort while greatly reducing energy consumption. A comfortable environment is achieved by providing the smallest possible zones of temperature control, allowing for individual temperature distribution and better air movement. Reduction in energy is realized by designing a low-pressure HVAC system that allows for maximum turn down while maintaining temperatures.

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Camfil Launches New and Improved Website Tools


Climate Systems Sioux Falls HVAC SpecialistsCamfil USA offers a broad range of filtration products designed for different environments and introduces its upgraded website. The site features new tools to make the customer journey efficient, easy and helpful.

  • Product Finder – Helps customers to select products based on industry and application, concern or problem to solve and/or product category
  • Document Finder – An easy way to search for documents sorted by certificates, instructions, brochures, technical bulletins, case studies and more.
  • Contact Locator – An easy way to find and contact Camfil or a representative.
  • Find Solutions – Quick links to the most common problems a customer could have or to the most frequently asked questions are right on the home page.
  • Insights – Find articles, videos and shareable content in all categories associated with Camfil’s mission to keep the air safe and clean.