Linear Capacity Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems


No electrical design engineers specify incandescent light bulbs, so why would any mechanical engineer specify a fixed capacity DOAS unit?

It takes true pioneers to change the conventionally fixed capacity DOAS paradigm to Demand Control Ventilation variable capacity DOAS with turndown to 20% of full airflow capacity.

Much like LED lighting, Linear Capacity DOAS saves more than 50% of the energy over the life of the equipment. 

Every ventilation system by code needs to provide the capacity for maximum occupancy, but all spaces are never fully occupied in the building at all times. The ability to match ventilation to real-time occupancy is a tremendous opportunity for energy savings.

Linear Capacity DOAS is a truly innovative product packed with all the latest technologies, including VRF compressors, EC condenser fans, EC supply blower, Active Coil Exposure, and demand ventilation controls in a simple packaged DOAS offering. Most importantly, it provides third-party verified >50% energy savings.