Why Use Textile Air Dispersion?

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  • Easy maintenance: The performance and aesthetics of textile air dispersion systems are easily maintained by periodic laundering in commercial washers.
  • Quick, simple installation: Only 20 % of the installation time and labor of metal duct!
  • Custom Aesthetics: Unique textile printing technology allows systems to be printed in any color, with any image or pattern.
  • Precision air distribution: Fully customizable air distribution guarantees optimum system performance and occupant comfort.
  • Significant cost savings: Tailor-made textile dispersion systems reduce the material and installation costs of duct systems by as much as 70% compared to metal.
  • Lightweight: Less than 5 % of the weight of sheet metal!
  • Durable: Highest quality materials and construction ensure long service life.

Find out more about textile air dispersion here.

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