Save Energy with Energence® Ultra-High-Efficiency Rooftop Units

Energence® Ultra-High-Efficiency units deliver ultra innovation on every count and now up to 25 tons. This high-efficiency lineup features advanced blower and compressor technologies that allow the units to perform at optimal levels throughout the year, even in extreme weather conditions.This can translate to substantial operational cost savings over the life of the system.

Product Highlights:

  • Ultra Efficient: The most efficient rooftop units in their class
    • Up to 23.5 SEER, 15 EER, and 22 IEER – the highest on the market today
  • Ultra Quiet: The quietest units in their class
    • Generates sound levels as low as 73 dBA, delivering the ultimate in low-sound performance
  • Ultra Lightweight: The lightest-weight units in their class
    • Up to 47% lighter than competition
  • Ultra Comfort
    • Four stages of heat and modulating variable-speed technology provide enhanced comfort and dehumidification capabilities

Energence® Features:

  • Environ™ Coil System: Provides a higher primary surface area than traditional round tubes, resulting in up to 52% less refrigerant required to achieve the same level of heat transfer
  • Lennox’ MSAV® (multi-stage air volume) supply fan technology: Delivers year-round savings and comfort with improved fan and operational efficiency for a variety of operating modes.
  • Prodigy® 2.0 Unit Controller: Enhanced interface that makes it easy to get the most out of Energence® high-efficiency rooftop units
  • SunSource® Commercial Energy System: This factory-installed option makes Energence® the first and only commercial HVAC systems to integrate directly with solar power.

Learn more about Energence® Rooftop Unit features here.