New Line of Commercial Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilators

Aldes newest line of Commercial Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators is now available! Great value and tons of options, all in robust, standardized cabinet sizes. For indoor and rooftop applications from 500 to 4000 cfm. Choose among three types of fixed plate heat and energy recovery cores or an enthalpy wheel for maximum efficiency. Add heating coils, EC motors and an advanced BacNET controller to get the most out of your investment.

The InspirAIR Commercial also offers an optional internal bypass channel and damper for economizer operation, with no need to connect any additional ductwork or components to the outside of the units.

InspirAIR Commercial was designed for the needs of the construction industry: it’s budget-conscious yet offers a wide range of options to fit into most types of buildings and design conditions. And with American Aldes’s excellent service and delivery times, you can’t go wrong choosing InspirAIR Commercial!

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