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There’s an App for That


Dectron’s Vision App gives you full control to monitor and control your pool’s dehumidification equipment. Dectron is a 40 year old company and the original energy recycling dehumidifier for pools. They have improved & simplified the pool unit with the new Pool Perfect. Their goal was to fix “Structural Damage due to Humidity”, and they did just that.

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40 Years of DRY-O-TRON by Dectron


Dectron, a HVAC industry leader, has been manufacturing innovative dehumidification equipment that recycles energy and conserves pool water for nearly 40 years. The DRY-O-TRON is an energy recycling dehumidifier that prevents damage to your indoor pool by controling humidity and the pool and air temperature.

As the brand name, Dectron’s DRY-O-TRON® stands as:

– The single largest pool dehumidifier “Original Equipment Manufacturer” in the world.
– Over 35,000+ indoor pool installations
– 40 Years of R&D resulting in the “greenest” and “freshest” feature-rich, premium systems

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